John Kim
My name is John Kim and I’m an author and licensed marriage and family therapist. I discovered the power of group work while working with addicted teens in nonprofit over a decade ago. At the time I was also going through my own rebirth after divorce and started a blog called The Angry Therapist. I pulled the curtain back and showed myself by practicing transparency and sharing my story, something therapists are taught NOT to do. I started working in unconventional ways, meeting clients at coffee shops, on hikes, and in gyms. Running groups at the beach, the park, and online. I thought if we’re going to talk about life, let’s do life while we’re talking. Through my decade + of helping thousands, both on and offline, I learned that there is tremendous power in growing with others. We are tribal creatures. We were never meant to do it by ourselves. That’s the greatest misconception about self help, the word “self.” That’s why I created TAT LAB. So you don’t have to do it alone like I did. You can have the support of a supportive, safe, and thriving community. And it can be fun, casual over clinical. I believe this is the new way to grow.
Vanessa Bennett
Vanessa Bennett made the transition from corporate to wellness after years of doing her own inner work while searching for something more fulfilling. A yogi and licensed holistic psychotherapist who brings her passion for Mindfulness, Depth, Buddhist, and Yoga Psychology into her own life as well as in her work with her clients, she is a NY'er at heart and a Californian by spirit. She loves connecting with people while helping them connect to themselves, which usually includes helping them discover who that Self really is. Vanessa is also the co-host of the podcast Cheaper than Therapy. In the LAB she teaches a series of codependency classes and about how mindfulness can reduce anxiety and depression.
Dené Selkin
Dene Selkin is a therapist, a yogini, a tenacious wisdom seeker, and a California soul through and through. in her work with clients, she is known for her nurturing presence and authenticity. She specializes in offering tools for moving through anxiety, understanding our addictive patterns, and communicating more effectively in our relationships. She is passionate about facilitating group immersive experiences and retreats. Dené is also the co-host of the podcast, Cheaper than Therapy. Her LAB classes include “Reparenting Yourself," “Singlehood / Expired Relationships,” and “Addiction Recovery."
MaryCatherine (MC) McDonald
Trauma Coach
MaryCatherine (MC) McDonald is a Ph.D. and a certified life coach. She has been researching, teaching, and coaching for 10 years. She has written several book chapters and articles on trauma and mental illness and wrote a book on traumatic memory that was published in 2019. MC has coached people through all sorts of traumatic life experiences - combat, sexual assault, childhood trauma, death of a loved one, relationship abuse, infidelity, career transitions, gender identity issues, family dynamics, divorce, coping with mental illness diagnosis. In the LAB trauma group, there is a focus on understanding trauma more deeply, demystifying both the symptoms and the healing process, and connecting and supporting one another as we cope.
Charlene Corpus
Charlene is a certified life coach and a natural-born shaman by ancestral lineage. Though she used to have a "normal" life, as a survivor of domestic violence, trauma, and Kundalini awakening, her story is a hero's journey of triumph over darkness. Her work reflects her lived experience on the lightning path of transformation, weaving together both science and spirituality by incorporating positive psychology, neurobiology, and applied meaning theory with the esoteric knowledge of shamanic healing, energy medicine, and intuitive gifts for power results. In her experience, it’s only when we work with all aspects of ourselves - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual - that true transformation and healing are possible.
Inertia Dewitt
Inertia Dewitt is a therapist, coach, performance artist, and all around creative spirit. In combination with her clinical training in depth and somatic psychotherapy, she draws from over 15 years of embodied experience in dance, yoga, improvisation, and other performance-based practices to provide rich experiences for her clients to reclaim their creative potential and heal themselves in body, mind, and soul. She teaches "Embodying Resiliency," and "Chakra Basics" In the LAB.
Barbara Haynes
Barbara Haynes is a skilled coach, thoughtful teacher, and experienced trainer with 20 years of experience in health, wellness, and business. Barbara’s passion for life comes from her strong belief in the importance of 360 degrees of wellness. She has a passion for incorporating mindfulness into her work and supports this passion through her study and teaching of movement, yoga, and meditation over the last 20 years. Barbara also draws from her business background with 17 years in small business as a real estate developer and 15 years of corporate consumer marketing experience at companies including, Schwab, Washington Mutual, and Activision. Barbara graduated from UCLA with a BA in English, she is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher, Precision Nutrition Coach, and @jrnicoaching. Barbara’s LAB classes include live meditations, yoga Nidra, 360 Degrees of Wellness, Women's Entrepreneurs, and work/life balance.
Sean Cardinalli
Sean is a life coach, writer, and activist who was one of John Kim’s first JRNI Coaching students. His coaching style tends to include the 12 Step recovery perspective, an experience that saved his life and livelihood over a decade ago. Sean looks forward to the dialogue so often stoked by classes like these which encourage us to be vulnerable as we share our life’s details. He believes that in hearing each other’s stories, we find fellowship and healing. Sean will be focusing on sex & love addiction and he’s prepping a class on the creative process. He still orbits the Hollywood life from a (relatively) safe distance and has a wonderful time geeking out with his two teenage kids.
Mildred "Milly" Murillo
Astrologer & Coach
Milly Murillo is a trained astrologer with years of experience and a certified life-coach of @jrnicoaching. She combines her love for these tools in order to give clarity to those who work with her. Her love for astrology began as a young girl always curious about the esoteric because her mother was a believer in the esoteric. As she got older she recognized how valuable coaching was to her personally, so she decided to get certified in order to share that with others. All of this led her to create a blog, Astro Consciousness, in which she wrote not just about current planetary transits, but about what they’re trying to teach us using coaching methods. Currently working on a certification in Positive Psychology, her approach to coaching is one in which she is fully present and receptive to whoever is in front of her so that they know that between them there is safe-space to simply "be." She teaches "Astro-Consciousness," and "Healing Relationships Through Astrology."
Jenn Reddy
Jenn is a Life Coach who works with people of all ages and walks of life. She has been coaching for more than 25 years under different titles - Peer Educator, Health Educator, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Companion for the Dying, Exceptional Children Aide and Advocate, and Coach. Her background has helped her become especially skilled at speaking ready-to-be-heard truths to clients working on finding and honing their superpowers. She believes that the stories we tell about our experiences have extraordinary power. Creating our own narrative of our life, leaning on our strengths and values, and finding what it is that makes us thrive is the recipe for a life we have autonomy over and joy living.
Taune Lyons
Taune views safe, healing relationships as the foundation to a well-lived life, and is devoted to understanding and helping folks create healthier and intentional ones - including the one they have with themselves. She came to the world of psychotherapy by way of the well-traversed wounded healer’s path, experiencing her own demons from a young age: anxiety, depression, ADHD, and relational wounding. She decided to take the heroine’s journey, becoming entranced with learning various ways of healing: food, art, movement, spirituality for the spiritually-averse, and the social sciences. Now she loves holding space for folks who are seeking meaning, fulfillment, and finding the “who” they are under the ways they’ve been conditioned. Her approach is curious, contemplative, and playful, aiming to guide clients into greater emotional awareness, radical self-acceptance, deeper creativity, and nourishing wholeness.
Rena Martine
Rena spent 14 years as Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County where she specialized in cases of sexual assault and domestic violence. She continues to serve women as both a women's intimacy educator and certified coach. Rena helps women love their body, experience deep intimacy, and have great sex, shame free. Rena teaches "Girl Talk," a weekly women's intimacy class.
Brandon Groux
Life Coach and Breathwork Instructor
Tess Brewer
Tess is John's assistant and does behind the scenes work for TAT lab. A break up from a toxic relationship introduced her to The Angry Therapist and now she can't get enough of the self improvement world. You'll find her in various Zoom groups eager to improve herself just like you guys. When she's not doing work for John or TAT lab, she's writing screenplays, posting on her blog, or listening to vinyls with her cat.
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