Rebuild yourself through others.

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How It Works

It’s super simple. You get a schedule of LIVE wellness classes and groups with the Zoom links emailed to you every week. Then you just jump in from anywhere you want. On your computer. Phone. On a run. At the beach. In the park. Anywhere. You can leave your video on share and ask questions, or turn it off and enjoy the live class like a podcast.

Free 30 Day Trial
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Why Group Classes?

It’s a fraction of the price. Individual sessions can be expensive. This model allows you to jump into unlimited classes for a low monthly subscription. Self help doesn’t have to feel so clinical. These classes are fun and casual. The group supports you and makes you accountable. So you don’t have to do it alone.


Hear what others have to say

This is a masterpiece simply put. I struggle a lot with anxiety and depression, daily. And I had a hard time combating that it. It’s a serious daily struggle. I’d see a therapist once a week talk about my problems and try to find solutions. It was helpful don’t get me wrong! But TAT labs gave me something more. It offers a platform of healing practices and classes, it gave me what I got in my therapy sessions in just an hour meeting with various teachers from therapists to life coaches and everything in between. And these meeting happen 2-4x a day. It is a safe place, a soul recharging station, a much needed breath of fresh air. Plug yourself into this safe space created by John Kim and there’s no way you won’t see major differences in your life. It’s a game changer for mental health and personal growth!
The value of TAT Lab is incomparable to other membership sites, especially when you take into account the various instructors and their areas of expertise. Using Zoom as a platform has been another great way to make virtual connections. The instructors that you have gathered lead incredible groups and provide safe space for all of us to share. The workshops are intimate and everyone who participates is allowed to let their guard down to be seen and heard. I look forward to the weekly schedule and to see what new groups are being added. Because of COVID -19 I have been lucky to be able to try out many of the groups and take something away from each and every one. During the last two months I have learned much about myself and have grown in areas I didn’t expect to.
As a Pisces, empath, INFJ, and recovering former “nice” guy, lab has helped me step back and take a look at not only one piece of my life where I would like to improve, but take all them on at the same time with the multiple choices in sessions that I can jump in and out of each week. The TAT Lab has taught me to stop focusing on being “nice” putting myself last and be kind instead. The definition of kind can be summarized by putting on the oxygen mask first in life for myself and focusing on self care. This allows me to not only me to grow into the best me, but improves my relationships all around me.
I am incredibly grateful that I found the TAT lab when I did. I was interested in joining group therapy, but if I’m completely honest, traditional therapy never seemed like a good fit for me. The topics covered seemed dated and the setting was not the most welcoming. I’ve gained knowledge on a variety of topics and overall feel better equipped to take on life challenges. Each instructor has added to my arsenal, allowing me to delve deep into self-discovery and radical self-acceptance. The added bonus is that I can join groups from anywhere, and that’s priceless. I highly recommend it.
I have so much gratitude for the TAT Lab. I have been consistently participating in about 2-3 groups each week, and everyone is so gracious. During what has felt like one of the most difficult times of my life, I have been able to unpack and face things I had not yet allowed myself or felt like I had the space to do so. I feel supported, seen, and heard, and really enjoy the fellowship the groups provide. Everyone is here for different reasons, but we are all able to connect on some level, which is inspiring and comforting that we are not alone. I truly look forward to the groups every week, and has been one of the best investments I've made for myself and my mental health.
The TAT Lab zoom groups provide a supportive community format in which to explore mental and emotional wellness from many different angles. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable while also being down to earth and approachable. The community members have been brave, kind, and inspiring in their sharing, and no matter the particular class topic, I always find something that resonates with me. I love the format of being able to choose as many classes as needed, and the subjects are so varied and fascinating. I feel like my inner growth journey has just received a turbo boost. Thanks for everything!
I can’t say enough positive things about the TAT Lab. Perhaps the dominant thought in my mind is, “Where has this been all my life?” I’ve never in one place found so much genuine peace, personal challenge and inspiration for growth and forgiveness, mutual vulnerability, and camaraderie in success and AHA! Moments. It’s become the best gift I ever gave myself and I’m staying with this for the long haul. Thank you to everyone.