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For Us: Therapists Only
This group is for therapists, associates, social workers, psychologists, anyone in the clinical world helping others but also need a space for themselves. To process and connect. Reboot and refresh. Like supervision, without the hours.

Instructor John
Living Your Ikigai: 7 Steps to Self Mastery
Want to experience a greater sense of autonomy and self-confidence? Want to level up in life and increase feelings of well-being at the same time? Join Heidi and Simbaa , as we explore 7 key areas for self-development through the Japanese concept of Ikigai. Discuss what self-mastery looks like, how it relates to curiosity and pleasure, and apply it to your personal goals. You will leave class with concrete steps to follow that will immediately move you toward your best self. This class is open to all and especially encouraged for those who support others as a leader, teacher, or coach.

Instructors Heidi and Simbaa
BIPOC and Beyond
A safe space to unpack, learn from and laugh with each other. When I open my eyes each day the shade of my skin is rarely on my radar...that is until I turn the t.v. on or walk out my door, then it’s front and center. Whether it’s at work, accessing healthcare, or simply managing my day to day I am often reminded of the box others would like me to stay in. Join me in candid discussions as we navigate walking through the world celebrating who we are and advocating for ourselves.

Instructor Marie
Wisdom Rising
Our lives are always speaking to us, yet we rarely slow down long enough to pay attention to what I call the breadcrumbs along the way. Those subtle signs and synchronicities, the happenstance collisions with another soul who we just click with instantly. What’s working and what’s not working in our everyday lives are all clues.

Creativity, journaling, vision boarding, this is the language of wisdom rarely tapped into. It’s one thing to process a thing out, quite another to call a thing in. Your soul’s desire and the sacred are calling. Join me as we give voice to both.

Week 1: Journaling

Week 3: Vision Board

Week 5: Sacred Reading

Week 7: Let’s bring it all together with intention.

Instructor Marie
DEEPER (Attachment Styles)
The way we emotionally connected with our caretakers affects nearly every other connection we have later in life, but it doesn’t need to be a life sentence. We can rewire it. Come unravel some of the hows + ways you connect (whether a bit anxiously, more avoidantly, or all-together disorganized) and begin the journey towards becoming more securely attached to your inner needs, and available for conscious, intentional relationships.

Instructor Taune
The Codependency Series
There are so many definitions of codependency out there it’s hard to know what it really means or if and how you actually struggle with it. In this series of courses, we start with a Codependency 101 course to ground ourselves in an understanding of the term and the personality and behavior traits that go along with it. From there we break out each of the traits into its own course for a deeper dive into the causes, struggles, and ways to overcome each one.

The different courses include: Codependency 101, Boundaries, Self-Esteem, Black & White Thinking, Perfectionism and High Expectations, Family Dynamics and Upbringing, and others.

Instructor Vanessa
Healing Trauma
We’re all just a little bit haunted. By our experiences, by our exes, by our former selves. Trauma can be a little bit of a sneaky ghost. No matter how self-aware you are, there likely are traumatic experiences lingering within your psyche and quietly eroding your sense of self, your trust in others and the world, and your ability to connect. In order to continue to grow into ourselves fully, we must all shine a light on those hidden traumas every now and then. So, grab a flashlight. In this group, we’re going to look closely at your present to uncover what may be hidden in your past. We will identify major and minor traumas, understand the neurobiological response to overwhelm that can make trauma lasting, and we will take the beginning steps to eradicate these symptoms. The goal? Understand and manage trauma triggers so that you can become fully present and connected in your life.

Instructor MC
Singlehood/Expired Relationships
This process group unpacks all of the topics that come up when we’re single. From loneliness, owning our singlehood, blaming ourselves after a relationship ends, dating & “situationships,” letting go of the fantasy of what could’ve been and so much more.. we explore every aspect of what it’s like to be a single person in a culture that teaches us to believe in happily ever after.

Instructor Dené
Practical Buddhism
A “street level” exploration of Buddhism as a lens for examining and transforming oneself and how to bring these principles into our lives. These teachings emphasize the development of mindfulness and kindness, examining our actions in light of our ethics and values, and seeing how our thoughts condition our lives. Part dharma talk and part meditation practice, each week’s group includes Buddhist meditations to cultivate self-awareness, compassion, lovingkindness, and joy.

Instructor Charlene
The Tarot as a Self-Actualization Tool
Whether we consciously hone our intuition, stumble upon it as we would a tree root across a forest path, or instinctually rely on it – the tarot can be an enlightening tool filled with insight and illumination. We can attune ourselves to symbols, archetypes, and idioms, much in the way dream interpretation works and compare a variety tarot decks for a weekly single card message. As a collective, how might we navigate the week ahead, listen more attentively to our inner guidance, be open to following our creative path, and how can we live our best life?

Instructor Susheela
Come join me on a journey of healing where we will combine an ancient “two-step” neuro somatic breath technique, with an upbeat playlist which can bring the nervous system to an altered state of consciousness and allow you to connect to your highest self. This class focuses on letting go of fears, anxieties and healing past traumas in order to let your light shine bright and receive more love, joy and passion for life!

Instructor Brandon
Girl Talk: Women's Intimacy
“Girl Talk” is a series of classes focusing on women’s intimacy. Each class begins with a deep dive into the research surrounding a given topic, then transforms into a safe space for women to share and connect. These classes are designed to provide the education needed to normalize and dissolve feelings of shame, while allowing women to feel seen and supported. Think of it as part Sex Ed, part slumber party.
* This space is for all individuals who identify as female.

Instructor Rena
360 Degrees of Wellness
In this group we will discuss practical tips for wellness and self-care including: Managing Stress in Uncertainty, Establishing a Spiritual Practice, Tapping into your superpowers. At the end of our discussion we will seal our learnings with guided meditation.

Instructor Barbara
Growing Through Fuck Ups, Shame, Boundaries, Resentment, and Love
If we’re living, breathing humans, we’re going to fall down, fuck up, and hurt feelings. The question is not how to be perfect, it’s how to learn from those moments. Here we will figure out how to be accountable without going into a shame spiral, draw the lines that protect us and others, and keep our hearts open. Because when we do that, we’re no longer repeating the same mistakes, we’re figuring out how to human better.

Instructor Jenn
Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents
Emotional maturity is an ever-evolving process. "The work," if you will. Let's move away from pathologizing and instead work through the patterns we've inherited. In the community, we will share with each other (while staying in contact with our own inner landscapes), learn healthier ways to express needs and boundaries, and slowly settle into a more emotionally regulated presence. Aiming high!

Book recommendation: Lindsay C. Gibson's Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents or her workbook.

Instructor Taune
Discussing Sex & Love Addiction
Although not technically recognized by the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 manual on disorders, it’s almost inarguable that people from all walks of life can and do become addicted to sex and love. Learning to manage these addictions is possible by growing a healthier sense of intimacy, honesty, and trust in our relationships—and also with ourselves. The intention of this class is to be less lecture-based and more of a forum for discussion.

Instructor Sean
Embodying Resilience
This series offers psycho-education on how the brain-body connection can be used to strengthen resiliency (based on the research in neuroscience that supports somatic psychotherapy + EMDR). Each session will include an experiential practice that is accessible and effective in managing stress.

Instructor Inertia
Book Clubs with Various Instructors
In this zoom class, we will read some of our instructor's favorite self help books together and meet once a week to process and talk about how we can incorporate the concepts into our daily lives.
In this group, we will delve deeply into the astrological alignments for the week ahead and what that means for each sign. Not just from a technical stance, but with great emphasis on what the stars and planets are trying to teach us. This way you’re better prepared for the week ahead. Don’t miss out.

Instructor Milly
Work- Life Group
Week 1: The New Normal: A group discussion about how we are navigating the new normal of our workplace, and discuss thru positive re-framing how we adapt and adjust to this change.

Week 2: Work/Life Balance: An opportunity to share how we maintain balance in our careers and life, juggling kids, staying healthy, maintaining your job, family obligations.

Week 3: Future Visioning: We’re here, now what? Are you happy with your current job? Whether the answer is yes or no, what’s the next step for you in your career?

Instructor Barbara
Empowering Empaths and Intuitives
Empowering Empaths and Intuitives. This is not a woo-woo space. In this space we bring the woo-woo down to earth, sharing practical tools and guidance to help you understand your intuitive gifts in a real-world context and manage them while also having a “normal” life. Weekly topics range from narcissist-empath dynamics to managing your energy to the importance of boundaries. We also come together to be heard and build community. This sacred space is inclusive, respectful of both the spectrum of belief systems and the individual’s experience of their beliefs, and invite awareness of the socio-cultural context of those beliefs. We ask our questions and share our experiences of our intuitive gifts within this safe space. We do so with the understanding that we are all in different places and with different experiences on our journey, learning along the way and holding hands as we walk each other home.

Instructor Charlene
Rewiring Yourself Through Mindfulness & Positive Psychology
What if you could learn to capitalize on the things you’re already good at? What if you could use those same experiences to be more creative, have more contentment and nail down your flow? How about stopping those frustratingly obsessive and negative thoughts that create so much suffering? What if you could learn to access greater states of resiliency and compassion, from evidence based practices no less?
Here we’ll explore those concepts with funny analogies, real life stories, cutting edge research, and actual down-to-earth, day-to-day practices. We’ll take the best practices from positive psychology, mindfulness and harm reduction, piecing them together to help create lasting habits that makes re-wiring your brain something you can do while driving in the car, cooking a meal, or even walking the dogs.

Instructor Jenn Reddy
Single Parents Connect
Single parents are amazing super heroes who often need support on the journey of parenting. In our society today there are several types of single parents and now we get to join together in one space. We will start with a discussion on self care with limited time. Other topics to come are: how to balance time with parenting commitments, dating with young children, money challenges, being true to you and your needs, and so much more. I am super excited for us to be able to do life together because let’s face it....We are never alone!

Instructor Amanda Halamka
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