Group classes

DEEPER (Attachment Styles)
The way we emotionally connected with our caretakers affects nearly every other connection we have later in life, but it doesn’t need to be a life sentence. We can rewire it. Come unravel some of the hows + ways you connect (whether a bit anxiously, more avoidantly, or all-together disorganized) and begin the journey towards becoming more securely attached to your inner needs, and available for conscious, intentional relationships.

Instructor Taune
The Codependency Series
There are so many definitions of codependency out there it’s hard to know what it really means or if and how you actually struggle with it. In this series of courses, we start with a Codependency 101 course to ground ourselves in an understanding of the term and the personality and behavior traits that go along with it. From there we break out each of the traits into its own course for a deeper dive into the causes, struggles, and ways to overcome each one.

The different courses include: Codependency 101, Boundaries, Self-Esteem, Black & White Thinking, Perfectionism and High Expectations, Family Dynamics and Upbringing, and others.

Instructor Vanessa
Healing Trauma
We’re all just a little bit haunted. By our experiences, by our exes, by our former selves. Trauma can be a little bit of a sneaky ghost. No matter how self-aware you are, there likely are traumatic experiences lingering within your psyche and quietly eroding your sense of self, your trust in others and the world, and your ability to connect. In order to continue to grow into ourselves fully, we must all shine a light on those hidden traumas every now and then. So, grab a flashlight. In this group, we’re going to look closely at your present to uncover what may be hidden in your past. We will identify major and minor traumas, understand the neurobiological response to overwhelm that can make trauma lasting, and we will take the beginning steps to eradicate these symptoms. The goal? Understand and manage trauma triggers so that you can become fully present and connected in your life.

Instructor MC
Singlehood/Expired Relationships
This process group unpacks all of the topics that come up when we’re single. From loneliness, owning our singlehood, blaming ourselves after a relationship ends, dating & “situationships,” letting go of the fantasy of what could’ve been and so much more.. we explore every aspect of what it’s like to be a single person in a culture that teaches us to believe in happily ever after.

Instructor Dené
Practical Buddhism
A “street level” exploration of Buddhism as a lens for examining and transforming oneself and how to bring these principles into our lives. These teachings emphasize the development of mindfulness and kindness, examining our actions in light of our ethics and values, and seeing how our thoughts condition our lives. Part dharma talk and part meditation practice, each week’s group includes Buddhist meditations to cultivate self-awareness, compassion, lovingkindness, and joy.

Instructor Charlene
Come join me on a journey of healing where we will combine an ancient “two-step” neuro somatic breath technique, with an upbeat playlist which can bring the nervous system to an altered state of consciousness and allow you to connect to your highest self. This class focuses on letting go of fears, anxieties and healing past traumas in order to let your light shine bright and receive more love, joy and passion for life!

Instructor Brandon
Girl Talk: Women's Intimacy
“Girl Talk” is a series of classes focusing on women’s intimacy. Each class begins with a deep dive into the research surrounding a given topic, then transforms into a safe space for women to share and connect. These classes are designed to provide the education needed to normalize and dissolve feelings of shame, while allowing women to feel seen and supported. Think of it as part Sex Ed, part slumber party.
* This space is for all individuals who identify as female.

Instructor Rena
360 Degrees of Wellness
In this group we will discuss practical tips for wellness and self-care including: Managing Stress in Uncertainty, Establishing a Spiritual Practice, Tapping into your superpowers. At the end of our discussion we will seal our learnings with guided meditation.

Instructor Barbara
Better Your Relationships Through Astrology
Purpose: Learning to identify needs versus wants in one's natal chart, as well as in the charts of those you are in a relationship with. The understanding of these fundamentals creates awareness of patterns, where they stem from and, best of all, how they're meant to evolve in a healthy way. Meditative practices, self-reflective questions, and coaching exercises are also incorporated to help all of this knowledge become a visceral experience. No prior astrology knowledge is necessary.

Instructor Milly
Growing Through Fuck Ups, Shame, Boundaries, Resentment, and Love
If we’re living, breathing humans, we’re going to fall down, fuck up, and hurt feelings. The question is not how to be perfect, it’s how to learn from those moments. Here we will figure out how to be accountable without going into a shame spiral, draw the lines that protect us and others, and keep our hearts open. Because when we do that, we’re no longer repeating the same mistakes, we’re figuring out how to human better.

Instructor Jenn
Awful Good Writers
Awful Good Writers
This is a well-rounded writing-centric creativity course for all levels exploring the point of connection in everything.
* Expect to walk away a more dangerous writer.
* Expect to develop a keen awareness of what’s at hand, and what’s ahead, for you and your work.
* Show up ready to write, to listen, to participate, and to not be brilliant.
You don't have to be brilliant every time you show up, you just have to show up.

Instructor Buddy
Ask Angry
This is a process group. A space for us to connect, support, and champion each other's stories. You can participate or just listen or watch. Insight and revelations about self will happen either way. And like everything John does, casual over clinical.

Instructor John
Discussing Sex & Love Addiction
Although not technically recognized by the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 manual on disorders, it’s almost inarguable that people from all walks of life can and do become addicted to sex and love. Learning to manage these addictions is possible by growing a healthier sense of intimacy, honesty, and trust in our relationships—and also with ourselves. The intention of this class is to be less lecture-based and more of a forum for discussion.

Instructor Sean
Embodying Resilience
This series offers psycho-education on how the brain-body connection can be used to strengthen resiliency (based on the research in neuroscience that supports somatic psychotherapy + EMDR). Each session will include an experiential practice that is accessible and effective in managing stress.

Instructor Inertia
Parenting Through Divorce, Break Ups, and Dating
Parenting is already an intense experience. Eye-rolling teenagers, middle school drama and preschoolers refusing to eat don’t help us feel like we’re getting it ‘right’. Add to it changing family structures, co-parenting relationships, new partner integration and breakups, and even the most self aware parent can feel lost. Many run themselves ragged trying to please everyone. Here we talk about strategies for keeping your sanity, your kids, your household, and your sex life working in a way that leads to more fulfillment and less stress.

Instructor Jenn
Book Clubs with Various Instructors
In this zoom class, we will read some of our instructor's favorite self help books together and meet once a week to process and talk about how we can incorporate the concepts into our daily lives.
No More Unhealthy Relationships
Based on John Kim's audio course, a live relationship class. If you’re in a relationship, you should do it with your partner. Here are the topics we’ll be going over.
Your Definitions of Love
Your new definition of love exercise
Attachment Styles And How They Impact Your Relationship
Love Languages
Creating a Safe Space / Active listening
How To Fight Without Fighting
What If You're Not Feeling It Anymore?
How to Apologize For Reals
Residue From The Old (examining the black box)
How To Deal With Jealousy
Pursuer / Distancer
The Importance of Having Your Own life
Realigning Your Relationship (5 Steps)
Rediscovering your partner
Rediscovering your partner exercise
How to Make Your Relationship Grow
How to Hold Instead of Grab
Hold instead of grab exercise
4 Things That Crumble Your Relationship
How To Take Ownership / Why It's More For You Than Him/Her
My Personal Love Lessons
Love Is About Finding You

Instructor John
In this group, we will delve deeply into the astrological alignments for the week ahead and what that means for each sign. Not just from a technical stance, but with great emphasis on what the stars and planets are trying to teach us. This way you’re better prepared for the week ahead. Don’t miss out.

Instructor Milly
The Practice of Reparenting Ourselves
A group that breaks down exactly what reparenting is, and how not having our emotional needs met in childhood continues to impact our lives. this group also explores tangible ways to start doing inner child work when you are stressed or activated.

Instructor Dené
Work- Life Group
Week 1: The New Normal: A group discussion about how we are navigating the new normal of our workplace, and discuss thru positive re-framing how we adapt and adjust to this change.

Week 2: Work/Life Balance: An opportunity to share how we maintain balance in our careers and life, juggling kids, staying healthy, maintaining your job, family obligations.

Week 3: Future Visioning: We’re here, now what? Are you happy with your current job? Whether the answer is yes or no, what’s the next step for you in your career?

Instructor Barbara
Empowering Empaths and Intuitives
Empowering Empaths and Intuitives. This is not a woo-woo space. In this space we bring the woo-woo down to earth, sharing practical tools and guidance to help you understand your intuitive gifts in a real-world context and manage them while also having a “normal” life. Weekly topics range from narcissist-empath dynamics to managing your energy to the importance of boundaries. We also come together to be heard and build community. This sacred space is inclusive, respectful of both the spectrum of belief systems and the individual’s experience of their beliefs, and invite awareness of the socio-cultural context of those beliefs. We ask our questions and share our experiences of our intuitive gifts within this safe space. We do so with the understanding that we are all in different places and with different experiences on our journey, learning along the way and holding hands as we walk each other home.

Instructor Charlene
I Hate Couples Counseling!
Usually one person wants to go to couples counseling and the other doesn't. Maybe because if you go to couples counseling it means that the relationship is in trouble or that you have failed. Maybe sitting on that couch in that nondescript room makes you feel like you're in the Principal's office. Well, here's an alternative. Let's all do it together.

Casual over clinical. Hybrid of lecture and process. A group of couples. Discussion. Lesson. Learning. Leave the camera on, off, it doesn't matter. We're gonna have fun. Learn, laugh, grow but most importantly take ownership together. And it will be a hell of a lot cheaper than private couples sessions. Bring a beverage, and of course your partner.
12 Steps Through the Lens of Psychology
Many of us have a lot of resistance to seeking help for an addiction through the 12 step model of recovery. this resistance can be understandable given some of the dogma, stereotypes, and collective stigma that surround getting support in this way. But in reality, the original principles of the 12 steps are some of the most powerful spiritual and psychological tools for reworking your relationship to the “thing” you’ve been using to avoid uncomfortable feelings. Whether you struggle with letting go of unhealthy relationships with drugs, alcohol, sex, food, work, a person, gambling, etc.. this group will help you to see the process of pattern interruption through a whole new lens.

Instructor Dené
Chakra Basics
Learn the fundamental aspects of the 7 primary chakras from a psychological perspective in order to deepen your ability to assess and address the needs of your own energy system. It will run 8 weeks: intro and then each week focusing on 1 chakra.

Instructor Inertia Dewitt
Rewiring Yourself Through Mindfulness & Positive Psychology
What if you could learn to capitalize on the things you’re already good at? What if you could use those same experiences to be more creative, have more contentment and nail down your flow? How about stopping those frustratingly obsessive and negative thoughts that create so much suffering? What if you could learn to access greater states of resiliency and compassion, from evidence based practices no less?
Here we’ll explore those concepts with funny analogies, real life stories, cutting edge research, and actual down-to-earth, day-to-day practices. We’ll take the best practices from positive psychology, mindfulness and harm reduction, piecing them together to help create lasting habits that makes re-wiring your brain something you can do while driving in the car, cooking a meal, or even walking the dogs.

Instructor Jenn Reddy
Women's Entrepreneur Group
In this group we will gather both current and aspiring female entrepreneurs to discuss ways to grow our endeavors, refine our skills, network for new business, plant the seed for new opportunities and share our strengths, resources and expertise.

Instructor Barbara
The Science Behind The Law of Attraction
This group is for both the skeptics and the believers in Law of Attraction, for those who ground their beliefs in science and for those who believe in the spiritual realm of energy. Manifesting is a practice of harnessing both the power of the mind and Universal laws to create outcomes. In a world that tends to disempower us, we can use the law of attraction to take our power back and create more favorable outcomes for ourselves.

Instructor Charlene
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