Own It.

Barbara Haynes

At the end of last year I turned 47.  Ok, wow…I just wrote that down and posted it for all of you to see.

For whatever reason, we like to hide our age.  We try to avoid talking about it, we cover everything up with make-up, lasers, botox, clothes, attitude, etc.    But what if instead of hiding our age, we just owned our age.

My 8 year old owns her age.  She skips, jumps, laughs hard and argues openly and honestly with her brothers.  She doesn’t always brush her hair and doesn’t worry about it and she puts together her own multicolored mis-matched outfits every morning with a confidence that I love.  She owns swinging as high as she can on the swings.  She tells me honestly that she doesn’t understand her homework and asks for help.  She eats with intent and when eating a nutella banana sandwich she allows the nutella to stay on her face until she’s completely done with her treat.

So, as I watch my daughter and her conviction for owning age 8.  I’m going to own age 47.  I’m going to own that I feel pretty amazing and that I have excelled physically in Yoga that I never thought possible.  I own that I’ve found new thoughtful connections with friends and family that couldn’t have happened any sooner than now. I own that my body is constantly changing to keep up with me and that it’s OK.   I’m going to own that my life is different than it was 20 years ago.  I’m going to own that this life isn’t always easy and sometimes can be really hard.  I’m going to own my role as a girlfriend, a mom, a sister, a daughter and a wife and support others in addition to asking for help when I need it.  I’m going to own the grey that appears on my hairline, and the dark circles under my eyes and the bloated belly I get every 4 weeks.  Bottom line, I’m going to OWN IT ALL and then embrace it!   My life and this age and any age that you are at should be embraced with tremendous gratitude.   I know it’s cliche to say, but we do only get ONE LIFE, so embrace every part of you, own every part of who and what you are on this little earth that we live on and enjoy the simple beautiful moments of this aging process.   When you truly own all that you are, I assure you that your timeless inner light from your graceful beautiful soul, will shine brightly out towards everyone you pass.

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